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After growing up along the white sands of the Southern Gulf Coast, I flew west with a little black cat and a degree in psychology to try my hand in the music business. Over the next decade, I worked in many facets of the industry. I wrote a music column, produced events, designed album layouts, organized remastering projects and even DJ'ed. As MP3s rose to prominence, I sincerely enjoyed a position during the wild west of digital distribution in business development. As a label relations manager, I worked with record labels and unsigned artists negotiating distribution contracts, managing accounts and educating them how to work with metadata. Then I shifted gears to merchandising and tastemaking in the mobile sphere. My sincere passion for music, my dedication to the artists, and talent for spotting cultural trends allowed me to build strong relationships and a successful career.

More recently I've directed my passion for music toward legacy and cultural heritage collections. I've recently completed my MSIS degree at the School of Information, University Of Texas, Austin. I specialize in audio-visual materials, digitization,  preservation, and museum curation. Currently, you can find me at the Bob Dylan Archive in Tulsa, Oklahoma working as a processing archivist. I assist the head librarian & archivist to process the physical collection and develop robust metadata standards that will maximize the usability of their extensive digital archive.

It is my personal mission to share the untold stories hidden in our music history.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Hi5's!

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