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iZotope & Women In Vinyl

Vinyl Plug-in vs. Real Vinyl: A Soundtrip Through the Decades

Jett Galindo contributor to Women in Vinyl and iZotope asked a few friends to join her in describing how the sound of vinyl has changed over the years for an article about iZotope’s free vinyl plug-in.  Check out the article ‘A Soundtrip Through the Decades’.

“To make this listening journey possible, Jett sought the help of fellow vinyl aficionados who work with the format on a regular basis: Jenn D’Eugenio (Sales + Customer Experience Manager at Furnace Recording Pressing & Founder of Women in Vinyl), Amanda McCabe (Universal Music Group & certified sound archivist), mastering engineers: Amy Dragon (Telegraph Mastering) & Margaret Luthar (Welcome to 1979).”

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